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Updated: Sep 10, 2022


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CHICOPEE— Veteran, mom, and candidate for state representative in Chicopee’s 8th Hampden District, Shirley Arriaga, today voiced her strong support for funding and expanding out-of-school programs and early education.

“As Chicopee’s next state representative, advocating for increased funding for early education initiatives and before and after school programs will be a top priority for me. As the mom of an eight-year-old, I know the difficult reality too many parents face in finding quality out-of-school care. Staffing shortages and increased costs associated with transportation and childcare are impacting more and more Chicopee families. Investing in early education initiatives and before and after school programs is necessary for Chicopee families to have access to these programs that are critical to child development and increased academic performance and will also allow parents more flexibility to enter and make advances in the workforce, ” said Arriaga.

Shirley Arriaga is a proud product of the Chicopee public school system, an Elms College and Western New England Law graduate, and a Veteran, having served ten years in the United States Air Force. She most recently worked as an educator at Chicopee High School.


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